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Revealed: A new factor that could increase your Type II diabetes risk by 84%

by , 14 October 2013

You may think diabetes and depression have nothing in common. But you couldn't be more wrong. Now researchers believe these health conditions have more in common than you thought.

Back in 2010, Harvard scientists released a report that showed growing evidence that diabetes and depression were linked behaviourally and biologically.

Now, three years later, a new study is backing this up…

Study reveals: People on antidepressants increase their diabetes risk 84%!

“Reporting their findings in the latest issue of Diabetes Care, researchers from the University of Southampton say use of antidepressants has risen sharply over recent years, and there are concerns they may have an adverse effect on glucose metabolism,” reveals medicalnewstoday.com.


Well, the researchers aren’t entirely sure. But they believe one reason could be the fact that “some antidepressants cause patients to put on weight, which in itself increases risk for Type II diabetes,” explains the article.

And it means people on antidepressants are 84% more likely to get this disease, adds Fox News.

Treat depression naturally to lower your diabetes risk

According the Health Bytes’ contributor, Carla Pinto, you can treat depression naturally using kiwi fruit. 

The reason?

Kiwis are crammed full of vitamin C. And vitamin C is vital in helping you battle depression and anxiety.

In addition, you can also keep depression at bay by supplementing with vitamin B12, folic acid and resveratrol, says Nutrition & Healing’s Dr Jonathan Wright.

Bottom line: If you’re experiencing more than just the Monday blues, consider adding more of these essential vitamins and minerals to your diet. Not only could they help keep depression at bay, they could lower your diabetes risk too.


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Revealed: A new factor that could increase your Type II diabetes risk by 84%
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