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Revealed: A fad diet that REALLY helps you lose weight and prevent type 2 diabetes

by , 24 October 2014

How many fad diets do you know about that actually work?



Sure, they can help you drop weight in a short space of time, but one, they're not sustainable - meaning you can't live on this type of diet forever - and two, you'll put the weight back on as soon as you start eating normally again.

But hang on… why then has the grapefruit diet been popping up regularly as the latest fad for the last 80 years?

We did some digging…

Looking to lose weight AND improve your health?

There’s little wonder why fanatics call the grapefruit diet the “Hollywood diet”, because – shockingly – it actually works.
Sure, it’s still a fad diet because you can’t stay on it for the rest of your life. And taking it to the extreme, like only letting grapefruit pass your lips and nothing else, will mean your body goes into starvation mode and you’ll probably put most of the weight you lost back on in no time.
But when we looked into why it’s been around for so long, it’s clear why it continues to be so popular.
It has a lot more to do with weight loss, though…

While it’s not sustainable, the grapefruit diet improves your health

One of the most astounding findings coming out of studies is that drinking grapefruit juice helps protect you against type 2 diabetes.
Mice involved in grapefruit juice studies had more control over their blood sugar and had lower insulin levels than mice that drank water.
In one study, researchers also noticed the test group of mice lost 18% more weight after eating a high fat diet and drinking grapefruit juice than mice eating the same diet and drinking water.
The same mice had 13% lower blood sugar levels and 17% improvement in their cell’s insulin sensitivity.
In another study, researchers fed mice until they were obese and then put them on either a grapefruit juice or water diet. The ones drinking juice lost 8% more body weight than those drinking water.
Sciencedaily.com has a clue as to why grapefruit juice is so good for your blood sugar and insulin levels…
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A powerful antioxidant in grapefruit is the key to protection against type 2 diabetes

Naringenin is the antioxidant in grapefruit that give it its bitter taste. And it’s the bitter taste you’ll want to get used to when using grapefruit to keep diabetes at bay and lose weight.
Researchers believe it helps the liver break down fats and improve insulin sensitivity.
This is something your body does naturally when you go without food for a few hours. But adding grapefruit to your diet might help your body do it without starvation or fasting.
Instead of your liver making every effort to store nutrients from carbs and sugars you eat, grapefruit tells your liver to use them as energy and, instead, release more fats from the stores to use up.
This means two things:
1.    You lose fat; and
2.    Your blood sugar levels don’t spike.
So it seems adding grapefruit to your diet is a must whether you want to lose weight or prevent type 2 diabetes…
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Drink grapefruit juice to keep type 2 diabetes at bay

Making homemade grapefruit juice is your best choice. It means there’s no added sugar or preservatives in the juice, which could have the opposite effects you’re hoping for.
Simply cut your grapefruit in half and squeeze out the juice. Mix with water and drink as is.
Studies don’t have any specifics as to when you should drink the juice. Some show the most benefit is when you drink it before a meal, but others say you should have it with a meal.
Whichever way suits you, start drinking grapefruit juice with meals to help you lose weight and keep type 2 diabetes out of your future.

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Revealed: A fad diet that REALLY helps you lose weight and prevent type 2 diabetes
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