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Reduce your risk of diabetes by 50% using Magnesium

by , 12 June 2013

The statistics for diabetes are frightening. More than 1.5 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year, nearly six million are undiagnosed and 57 million people are at high risk (pre-diabetic). Pretty daunting, isn't it? Luckily, you can reduce your risk with magnesium. Read on to find out how…

Even though the statistics for diabetes are scary, you could significantly tilt the type II diabetes odds in your favour just by making sure you’re getting enough magnesium.

Let me explain…

Magnesium: Your ultimate diabetes fighter

Magnesium helps your heart muscles relax, reduces blood pressure, helps control homocysteine, promotes bone health, reduces risk of cognitive decline, plays a key role in DNA production and helps maintain normal insulin levels.

And, of course, it’s that last item that’s launched many type II diabetes studies.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina in the US tracked 20 years of dietary and medical records for nearly 4,500 subjects who weren’t diabetic when they were recruited.

The results where magnificent.

“Subjects with the highest magnesium intake (from both diet and supplements) cut their diabetes risk by half, compared to subjects with the lowest intake,” writes Jenny Thompson in Health Sciences Institute.

In addition, insulin resistance and inflammation markers were lowest in the high intake group. High intake was calculated to be at least 200mg per every 1,000 calories consumed.

Unfortunately, it's easy to become magnesium deficient…

High stress and menstruation take their toll on magnesium levels, while a heavy intake of starches, alcohol, diuretics and some prescription drugs (such as antibiotics) can increase urinary excretion of magnesium.

If a blood test shows your magnesium level is low (a normal range is anywhere between 0.66 and 1.23 millimoles per litre), Dr Allan Spreen of Health Sciences Institute recommends 500mg of magnesium per day. Dr Spreen adds that magnesium gluconate and chelated magnesium are the preferred supplement forms.

But you don’t have to use supplements only. Add leafy green vegetables, avocados, nuts and whole grains to your daily diet and you'll be giving your body a powerful magnesium fortification against type II diabetes.

If you already have diabetes, magnesium is a must to help care for your heart health. Just be sure to consult your doctor first.

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Reduce your risk of diabetes by 50% using Magnesium
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