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Recently diagnosed as a diabetic? Use these three tips to cope

by , 12 February 2014

If you've been to a doctor and he says you have diabetes, you need to start treating it. Don't let your denial rob you of the rest of your health! Acknowledge your illness and set out on the path to treat it. Here's three ways to help you cope…

Diabetes isn’t the end of your life. It’s just the way your body’s telling you something needs to change or it’s going to give up. 
Use your diagnosis as an opportunity to actually improve your health!
The American Diabetes Association offers this advice on how to cope with the initial stages after your diabetes diagnosis.
Accept your diagnosis and make the most of your health despite your diabetes
1. Write down your plan of action
This might involve having to go back to your doctor so he can explain to you what you need to do. Write down when you need to take your blood sugar or when you need to take medications.
Your plan can also involve meal planning and lifestyle changes you need to make like when you need to exercise.
2. Ask for help from your doctor and family
It’s definitely easier to just forget about what you need to do to treat your diabetes when no one else is around. But this puts you at risk of further harming your health. After all diabetes denial will only lead to more severe health problems like kidney failure, heart disease and stroke. But if you treat your diabetes, you could live a normal life.
Ask for help from your doctor and your family so you can stick to your plan. 
3. Make healthy changes a family affair
Instead of separating your disease from your family, change their health too. They’re sure to benefit from cutting out the foods you do and getting more exercise!
You can improve your health drastically by following the lifestyle of a diabetic! So instead of spending time wondering why you have this health “curse” make an effort and you never know, it could help you transform yourself to be in the healthiest shape of your life. 

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Recently diagnosed as a diabetic? Use these three tips to cope
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