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Put one more diet fizzy drink to your lips and it could kill you

by , 17 April 2014

Diet fizzy drinks aren't the miracle you think they are for keeping your blood sugar stable. So while you're happy about being able to still drink a fizzy drink despite your type II diabetes, it's actually causing your health to get worse! Read on to discover the importance of cutting diet fizzy drink out of your life for good!

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Artificial sweetener isn’t the answer to your blood sugar problem!
It’s true, artificial sweeteners have made it possible for you to eat almost anything if you have type II diabetes. But the more research done on what these sweeteners do to your system, the scarier they appear for your health.
A large study done in the USA is the most recent to show how damaging artificial sweeteners are to your health. And artificial sweetener aspartame is at the top of the list!
The study reveals that drinking two diet fizzy drinks a day increases your heart attack risk by a whopping 50%! And being a diabetic, your risk is already higher than those without the disease…
Adding to this, artificial sweeteners can make you put on weight!

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Stop eating foods with artificial sweeteners! They don’t help you control your blood sugar at all
Also think about your choice of food and drink when you’re trying to control your weight. You’d rather choose something that has as little sugar in it as possible right? But to improve flavour, there’s artificial sweeteners added.
While you think this is the better option for you to keep your weight in check, it can actually do the opposite.
Drink a diet fizzy drink and your brain switches on to the sweet taste. Your brain then waits for the calories to accumulate so it can switch off and provide that “full-feeling”.
But that doesn’t happen with artificial sweeteners. This because your brain switches on, but there aren’t any calories to trigger the “full-feeling”. This means you keep craving calories and you’re likely to overeat.
Stop relying on foods with artificial sweeteners to satisfy your cravings. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables to get the nutrients your body needs. And in doing so, lower your risk of heart attacks and keep your weight and blood sugar in check. 

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Put one more diet fizzy drink to your lips and it could kill you
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