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Put down that daily can of cold drink to avoid becoming a diabetes statistic!

by , 28 February 2013

More diabetes cases are being diagnosed by the day. Now, a study has found that it's not just obesity but the sheer availability of sugar to blame. Here's the one item you should cut from you diet today to minimise your risk of developing diabetes.

A global study has found that the more sugar’s available, the more we eat it.
That’s why obesity is on the rise.
In fact, increases in sugar intake account for up to a quarter of all new cases of type II diabetes worldwide.
And you could be next if you don’t make drastic changes to your diet today.
Because the LATimes says the rising consumption of sugar behind the worldwide pandemic of type II diabetes is largely in the form of sweetened cold drinks
Most of us don’t even think of the amount of sugar in each can we consume.
That’s why the study adds further fuel to the fire that sugar really is a 'silent killer' says The Guardian
A single can of cold drink each day is enough to put you at risk of developing diabetes!
The research has found that just a 150-calorie daily increase in sugar — which is equivalent to a single can of cold drink — raises the prevalence of type II diabetes by 1.1%.
And it doesn’t even help to stick to ‘diet’ cold drinks.
That’s because previous research has found that women who drink diet sweetened cold drinks tend to drink more of them than those who drink normal cold drinks, says News24.
So if you top up on diet cold drinks, you’re probably taking in more aspartame – the sweetener used in most diet cold drinks – which has a similar effect on blood glucose and insulin levels as the sugar used in regular sweeteners.
There you have it – diet cold drinks are just as bad as normal cold drinks when it comes to putting you at risk of developing diabetes.
One more reason to stay away from diet sweetened cold drinks…
Aspartame’s also been linked to “headaches, insomnia, mood problems, stomach disorders, nerve damage, chest pain, asthma, seizures, tremors and so much more”, writes Health Bytes.
BlueMoonBlog says cold drinks also make you feel sluggish.
So you’re really doing your diet more harm than good by drinking diet cold drinks.
Bottom line: The safest way to prevent Type II diabetes and your overall health is to cut all sweetened cold drinks from your diet. 
Replace them with fruit juice or water and you’ll soon feel healthier!

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Put down that daily can of cold drink to avoid becoming a diabetes statistic!
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