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Pumpkins are more than simple Halloween decorations! They're essential for your health

by , 23 October 2014

You've probably got your hands full organising your kid's Halloween trick or treating costume. But these something you should add to your list: Pumpkin!

We don't mean for his costume - for you!

Yahoo health recently released an article about how “scary, good” pumpkins are for your health and it's just the right time to get you all excited about them too.

This because your little one is bound to come home from his adventures around the neighbourhood with a bag full of sweets and treats and, as nice as that sounds, it spells disaster for your health.

Imagine what this amount of sugar does to your diabetes risk!

That's where pumpkins come in…

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Researchers believe compounds in pumpkin help fend off diabetes

The main concern surrounding type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance and resulting high blood sugar that destroys all types of body tissues.
But pumpkins contain special compounds that encourage insulin release and subsequent uptake of sugar by your cells.
A study posted in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, researchers also found that pumpkins contain trigonelline and nicotinic acid – both of while stop the process of insulin resistance and slow down diabetes.
But what if you’re not too keen on pumpkin and you’d prefer it on your porch rather than on your plate?
Luckily, there are plenty way to eat pumpkin to reap its diabetes risk-lowering properties without forcing it in chunks down your throat.
Here are five of them…
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Other than eating pumpkin as is, here are five other ways to use it

1.    Baking
Muffins, cakes, cookies and tarts. You name it, you can use pumpkin in any of them.
Just search for recipes online how best to use pumpkin in baking.
You’ll simply have to puree it before, but it adds a different flavour and moist texture to your baked goods.
2.    Fritters
Pumpkin fritters are a great way to use pumpkin as a side or snack.
Add a little cinnamon and a dash of honey for a sweeter treat.
3.    Smoothie
One of the easiest ways to use pumpkin is to add it to your favourite smoothie. Add a little cinnamon along with it to give your blood sugar a double punch.
4.    Bread
Make pumpkin bread!
5.    Ice cream
Yes, you can even make ice cream with pumpkin! And the best thing about it is it won’t leave your blood sugar soaring like traditional types.
So no matter how you choose to eat pumpkin, just make sure you do. As you can see, you can use it any dish you like and it’ll help you beat diabetes with each of them.

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Pumpkins are more than simple Halloween decorations! They're essential for your health
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