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Processed meat increases your risk for chronic heart disease AND premature death!

by , 13 November 2014

Previously, studies have linked processed meat to type 2 diabetes as well as pancreatic and colorectal cancer.

Now, a new large scale study involving nearly half a million people, published in the Biomed Central Medicine journal, has found a direct link between eating processed meat and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers discovered that your risk for premature death rises with the amount of processed meat you eat. Here's why…

3% of premature heart disease deaths could be prevented if people ate less than 20g processed meat per day

The researchers reported that thousands of deaths could be prevented if people limited ate 20g or less per day of processed meat. That equates to one strip of bacon or one slice of ham and less than half a sausage.

The ‘death trap’ in these products seems to be the added salt, smoke and nitrates used to preserve the meat – and make it so tasty!
And processed meat isn’t the only reason for the increased risk for heart disease and premature death. People who eat processed meat are also less likely to eat enough fruit and vegetables. They’re also more likely to smoke and tend to exercise less.

The message is clear: To prevent heart disease and an early death, cut out the processed meat and the cigarettes, eat your fruit and vegetables and exercise for 20 minutes per day! Not exactly an undoable task, right?

If you’re sitting there wide-eyed, wondering how you’re going to cope with this lifestyle change, fear not, here’s why…

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Processed meat increases your risk for chronic heart disease AND premature death!
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