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Prevent diabetes by choosing NOT to sleep in this weekend!

by , 19 March 2015

It's almost the weekend. The perfect time to lie in bed and catch up on all the sleep you've lost while rushing through life this week.

If this sounds like a dream come true, we're about to burst that bubble.

Yesterday, researchers from the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar revealed that sleeping an extra 30 minutes could cut your risk of diabetes. They also warned that a weekend lie in does more damage than good when it comes to preventing diabetes.

Read on to discover why…


Beating diabetes may be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep claims new study

According to the study, people who suffer from “sleep debt” (those who sleep more than 30 minutes less than their bodies need) are 72% more likely to be obese and suffer weight-related conditions such as Type 2 diabetes.
Lose 30 minutes of sleep or more regularly enough, and the study showed that the effects on your insulin over a six month period are “significant” enough to put you at high risk of diabetes.
But what is it about a lack of sleep that puts you in this danger?
It’s simple. A lack of sleep throws your body’s clock out of sync and disrupts the natural rhythm of hormones. Since insulin is the hormone that regulates your blood sugar, it makes sense that this increases your diabetes risk too.
So the simple solution is to have two-hour lie in this weekend to catch up on sleep, right?
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Here’s why lying is more dangerous than you think

Researchers warned that trying to make up for lost sleep by having a lie-in at over the weekend doesn’t help. 
In fact, Dr Gregory Carter, a sleep medicine specialist at the University of Texas, explains that sleeping in on the weekend is a “bad idea”. 
It delays your brain’s circadian clock up to two hours and messes up your internal clock. Not only does this make for very painful Monday wake-ups, but it throws your whole sleep cycle out of control. 
The result? 
You sleep even less during the week. And with that, your risk of diabetes increases even more. 
The best thing you can do for your health is establish a proper sleep pattern – where you get between six and eight hours of sleep a night. And then stick to it. 
Not only will you feel more refreshed when you wake up, you’ll help your body fight diabetes too. 

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Prevent diabetes by choosing NOT to sleep in this weekend!
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