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Pre-diabetic? Balance your blood sugar with sesame seeds…

by , 12 September 2013

If you're pre-diabetic, you know how a blood sugar imbalance can leave you feeling dizzy, tired and dehydrated. If you're keen to find a real solution to your on-going struggle, help in the form of a tiny seed, could be on its way.

A new study recently published in the Journal of Food Research has found the simple sesame seed, may improve your blood sugar, reduce your cholesterol and set you on the road to permanent good health.

And it goes to work in as little as just three short weeks!

Bring your blood sugar back in balance with sesame seeds in as little as  3 weeks

Researchers asked 20 volunteers with prediabetes and high cholesterol to spend six weeks supplementing with a special extract derived from sesame seeds. After just three weeks, the volunteers had lowered their cholesterol levels and improved their fasting glucose levels.

Sesame seeds have vast amounts of phytosterols that could help lower your cholesterol and give your heart a whole new lease on life. Actually, one study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ranked 27 different nuts and seeds for phytosterol content. Sesame seeds ranked high on the list.

Give this tiny seed a try and you could improve your diabetes. Get yourself a bag of sesame seeds and sprinkle them on your salads.
You could be just 21 days away from sailing through your next blood sugar test.

Sources: Sesame seeds can aid pre-diabetic blood glucose levels: Study: nutraingredients.com.


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Pre-diabetic? Balance your blood sugar with sesame seeds…
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