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Pistachio's great benefits for your blood sugar

by , 14 January 2014

Has your doctor given you a life-changing diabetes diagnosis?

No more sugar. No more putting off exercise for another day. No more going out without a syringe or a bottle of medication!

If diabetes has you feeling as if your life is full of restraints, Indian researchers have made a discovery that will cheer you up.

Research cracks secret to blood sugar support
In a study conducted by National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation in New Delhi, researchers found a daily handful of pistachio nuts may be all it takes to help you start enjoying your best blood sugar control yet. Naturally.
The scientists signed-up 500 pre-diabetic volunteers between 25 and 65 years of age. They asked half of the volunteers to follow a restricted healthy diet and participate in daily moderate to brisk exercise. The other half were asked to do the same with the exception of including pistachios in their diets.
Pistachio nuts can help control your blood sugar
Six months later, the group who ate pistachios had lost weight, reduced their belly fat and improved their bodies’ reaction to insulin. The results were so positive researchers suggest 20% of your daily calorie intake could be of pistachios. 
Further studies found pistachios eaten with carbohydrate-rich foods, help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
The study conducted on a group of 10 overweight but healthy adults had them eat pistachios on their own, or with other carbohydrate foods such as rice, pasta and potatoes. The effects of pistachios on blood glucose levels were measured.
Pistachios eaten on their own had an effect on blood glucose levels, however, when eaten with other carbohydrates, pistachios tended to reduce the rise in blood glucose.
Once again, researchers concluded pistachios can be part of a calorie-controlled diet that helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
If you’re struggling to get your blood sugar under control, your days of “no” to tasty treats are behind you. Grab yourself a bag of delicious pistachios. Plus, they’re cholesterol-free, loaded with fibre and healthy fats.
These subtle signs could signal that you might need some help keeping your blood sugar in balance...
Stubborn excess weight that hangs over your belt no matter what you do,
Urgent cravings for sweets, chocolates, chips... and all the other things on your doctor's "no-no" list,
Nasty mood swings that ruin your day (and the day of anyone unlucky enough to cross your path)

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Pistachio's great benefits for your blood sugar
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