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New weight loss study shows obese teenagers have nutritional deficiencies…

by , 08 May 2014

Who'd think someone who's obese would suffer from malnutrition? But it's true! A recent study compared the nutritional status of teens who'd undergone surgery for weight loss and those who hadn't. And, surprisingly, both groups were nutritionally deficient. Take a look…


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This study may highlight one of the most important weight loss solutions yet!

The study took place at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre. It looked at 70 obese teenagers. All of them either had weight loss surgery more than five years before the study took place, or were considered for the surgery but didn’t end up going through with it.
Both groups of teens showed nutritional deficiencies in iron and vitamin D. This is important because researchers suspected it was the bariatric weight loss surgery that caused nutritional deficiencies. This because bariatric surgery bypasses the small intestines, the part of the digestive system that absorbs many nutrients.

But, this study showed the nutritional deficiencies aren’t linked to the surgery but to obesity itself.     

These results may have highlighted an important reason for weight gain…

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Could balancing your nutritional deficiencies be the solution to fast weight loss?

The question is, do obese people lack nutrients because they’re obese or do nutritional deficiencies cause obesity?
This could be a huge breakthrough weight loss solution. And, why wait for another study to come along to test which one comes first, obesity or nutritional deficiencies.

If you’re obese, ask your doctor to test you for nutritional deficiencies and then work with him to correct them. Your health will benefit and you could surprise yourself and lose weight too!

You’ll need to work with a doctor who’s skilled in Natural Medicine for this, contact the Society for Integrative Medicine to find one in your area. 

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New weight loss study shows obese teenagers have nutritional deficiencies…
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