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New scientific discovery could wipe out insulin diabetes in pancreatitis patients

by , 05 May 2014

Pancreatitis is a very painful condition in which the pancreas gets inflamed, sometimes leading to removal of the organ. The most common causes of pancreatitis include: Gallstones, alcohol abuse, an autoimmune response, viral infections and a high blood fat level.
Because the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, if doctors decide to remove the pancreas, the patient automatically contracts diabetes symptoms. But now scientists have discovered a way to prevent diabetes in pancreatitis patients….

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Scientists have discovered a way to restore the role of insulin in pancreatitis patients

It’s specifically the islet cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. And when the doctors remove the pancreas, the lack of these cells causes instant insulin diabetes.

But now, doctors can isolate the islet cells from the removed pancreas and transplant them back into the patient’s body.
And this is where a miracle comes in…

Incredibly, doctors simply inject the isolated islet cells into the patient and they latch onto the liver! So, the liver substitutes the pancreas by producing and regulating insulin in the body again.

And, for those patients who missed this opportunity when doctors removed their pancreas, donor islet cells could be an option. It can be a little more complicated this way because there’s a chance your body may reject the donor’s cells. But, it remains a remarkable opportunity none-the-less… And certainly a brilliant scientific discovery coupled with yet another miracle from Mother Nature herself.
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If you’re affected by an insulin deficiency from pancreatitis, speak to your doctor about this discovery 

Imagine finally putting this ordeal behind you and leading a normal life again, with no insulin injections or a blood sugar monitor in sight!
Give your doctor a call today if you think you could benefit from this amazing discovery that’s changed the face of diabetes support for some patients.  

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New scientific discovery could wipe out insulin diabetes in pancreatitis patients
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