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New medical breakthrough could help you control your diabetes better...

by , 04 May 2014

Scientists have just discovered a way for people with insulin diabetes to manage their diabetes symptoms by potentially only having to inject themselves once a week! Here's how this could be possible for you in the near future…

IMAGINE: Not worrying about your blood sugar ALL the time! 

Stop feeling guilty about not being able to follow your doctor's long list of "do's" and "don'ts" ALL of the time. 
Discover the effortless secret to supporting your blood sugar levels...

Managing your insulin diabetes can rob you of your peace of mind

Right now, if you’re diabetic, controlling your diabetes can be very stressful. This is because you have to estimate the amount of carbohydrates you’ll take in and based on that, calculate how much insulin your body will need to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Not an easy task. So, what ends up happening is you prick yourself several times in the day to check your blood sugar level and if it’s higher than it should be, you have to inject yourself. And you probably do this at least twice or three times a day.

And if you don’t manage your diabetes properly, you risk damaging your internal organs. And the complications of diabetes can be deadly.
But now, there’s new hope for diabetics…  
Daily insulin injections are a distant memory for Catherine Downs now...

In fact, the 56-year old diabetic has almost forgotten she ever had full-blown type II diabetes.

No more syringes. She's even lowered her hypoglycaemic prescription to only 2mg per day. And get this… She's eating like a normal person again, sugary sweets and all.

How did she do it? She found out about an unknown sugar-buster hiding in a most unlikely place... Find out what it is here...

New intelligent medicine could provide an auto-pilot insulin sensitivity factor   

What if I told you, you wouldn’t need to stress about your blood sugar levels anymore… And you’d probably only need to inject yourself once a week and forget about the fact that you’re diabetic for the rest of the time? I bet that would lop a whole lot of stress off, right?

Well, that’s exactly what could happen in the near future for diabetics. That’s because scientists have just discovered a nanoparticle solution that would effectively manage your diabetes for you.

In studies with mice, just one injection would last a whole week. You see, the nanoparticles are made of insulin, an enzyme and a modified dextran. When glucose levels rise, it triggers the enzymes on the nanoparticles to convert glucose into gluconic acid. The acid then dissolves the dextran which in turn releases insulin from the nanoparticle. The more sugar in the blood, the more insulin it releases, just like the pancreas do in non-diabetics.

This discovery could benefit over three million people in South Africa alone if the scientists release this protocol after doing human trials. We’ll keep you posted on future developments relating to this discovery here at FSPHealth.   

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New medical breakthrough could help you control your diabetes better...
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