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Manage your diabetic sugar levels with this aromatic ancient spice

by , 01 April 2014

Cloves have been a popular natural remedy in Chinese Medicine for over 2,500 years. And now modern medicine is laying claim to it too. Pharmaceutical companies patented it for over ten years to help with inflammation.

But thankfully you don't a need a patent to enjoy the health benefits the clove has to offer. Here's how to increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar naturally with cloves...

Use cloves to increase insulin sensitivity and cope with your diabetes better

According to a study recently presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in the US, researchers did a study recently with 36 men and women with type II diabetes. They divided the participants into four groups. One group took 1g of cloves per day for 30 days, the second group took 2g per day and the third group took 3g per day. The fourth group was the control group – they didn’t take any cloves during the study.

At the end of the study, all groups, regardless of the amount of cloves they took, showed a drop in glucose while the control group had no changes to their blood sugar. Here’s why this is such an important study…


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Just a few cloves per day could prevent the serious symptoms of sugar diabetes

There are 40 million pre-diabetics and type II diabetics who can improve their glucose readings just by adding cloves to their food or taking a clove extract supplement. 

And when you improve your insulin resistance, your cholesterol reduces and triglycerides go down. All this helps alleviate diabetes.

Having too much glucose in the blood, or high blood sugar, can cause serious long-term damage to your eyes, kidneys, nerves and your other organs. Add cloves to your meals to help prevent these serious symptoms of sugar diabetes.

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Manage your diabetic sugar levels with this aromatic ancient spice
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