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Make coffee an essential part of your diabetic diet plan!

by , 06 May 2014

The list of coffee's health benefits goes on and on. But there's one more benefit to add to the list, says Cornell University. Drinking just one cup of coffee a day if you suffer from type II diabetes is essential. Here's why…

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It’s what’s in coffee that’s good for you if you have type II diabetes 

The benefits of coffee to your health has little to do with the caffeine it contains. While the energy kick you get from the caffeine is great in itself, it’s the strong antioxidant that provides all the benefit.
If you suffer from type II diabetes, your risk of developing Diabetic Retinopathy is 40% higher than the normal population. This means you’re at higher risk of losing your vision and going blind!
This because your disease affects the blood vessels in your eye and they begin to leak. You’ll see spots on your vision which become big, black blotches if you don’t have it seen to.
But that’s where this super anti-oxidant in coffee comes in. It literally helps keep your eyes healthy at the source!

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Protect your eyes from the complications of type II diabetes with coffee

The anti-oxidant – CLA – specifically targets the retina, protecting them from oxidative stress. There’s little known from this study as to the exact process and they’ll have to do more research. But they did find very positive results!
Researchers from the Cornell University found that mice pre-treated with CLA before inducing oxidative stress suffered absolutely no retinal damage compared with the mice receiving none.
The research on the health benefits of coffee should continue. And being the most popular drink in the world, says the study’s senior author Chang Lee, it’s essential that we know what it does for our health.
So there’s the best reason to indulge in a cup of java every day. Protect your eyes from retinal damage with coffee.

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Make coffee an essential part of your diabetic diet plan!
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