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Ma Agnes tackles the day-to-day issues of living with diabetes head on - do you?

by , 31 October 2013

Not only is Keketso Semoko a great actress - she's best loved for her role as Ma Agnes in SA soapie, Isidingo - but she's an activist too. Her cause? Diabetes! And as the ambassador for Changing Diabetes®, she's doing all she can to raise awareness of simple lifestyle changes you can make if you're living with the disease…

She’s been living with diabetes for the past seven years and that hasn’t stopped soapie actress Semoko from shining in her rather demanding career.

And she’s passionate about showing others how they can successfully live with diabetes too!

While the actress says the first two years of living with diabetes were very hard for her, today she follows some smart techniques to keep hers under control.

Because of her busy schedule, Semoko says it can be hard for her to stick to a regular routine. But since her health comes first, she’s come up with some smart, practical steps to keeping her diabetes in check.

Struggling with diabetes, adopt some of Semoko’s smart living tips

In addition to exercising and sticking to her meds, in a recent interview with All4Women, Ma Agnes, says she: “Find it’s much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle if I plan ahead. That way I’m not tempted to snack on unhealthy foods when I get hungry and exercising is part of my daily routine.”

To do this, she plans her meals and snacks in advance every day. And she always carries around emergency snacks, like an apple and some almonds, in case.

Great advice from someone who won’t let something as common as diabetes stop her from living her life! And neither should you!

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Ma Agnes tackles the day-to-day issues of living with diabetes head on - do you?
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