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Living with diabetes? Get up and change the TV channel to improve your health

by , 27 March 2015

One of the main problems with type 2 diabetes complications is your weight.

And being overweight means you're probably not getting as much exercise as you need.

But researchers say it's one of the most important parts of improving your health.

Here's what they found in a new study…

It’s essential to exercise if you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes

A team of experts published a study in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal explaining how important exercise is when you have type 2 diabetes.
That’s because extended periods of sitting cause your metabolism to become worse. And this causes your disease to worsen too.
When they did the study, they found most people with the disease spent 65% of their day without moving. Of that, 45% of the time they spent sitting for 30 minutes or more with little to no movement.
It’s when the researchers forced participants to break up their inactivity that they saw real changes in their disease.
The participants had to move around every 30 minutes and do something on their feet. Even if it was getting up to chat to someone in the office, change the TV channel manually or using the stairs, there was a huge change in their waist circumference and weight compared to those who remained sedentary.
What the researchers hope to get out of this study is to encourage you to get some exercise.
But you don’t have to slave away in the gym!
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Get a moderate amount of exercise every day to lower your risk of diabetes complications

One of the reasons you may not exercise at the moment is because you don’t like the thought of getting hot an sweaty in the gym.
But you don’t have to.
Just make sure you’re moving around every 30 minutes, no matter what you’re doing.
And this way you can better your metabolism and avoid nasty and devastating diabetes complications in future.

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Living with diabetes? Get up and change the TV channel to improve your health
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