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Latest research confirms: Women with diabetes have double the risk of heart attacks than men!

by , 30 May 2014

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you need to pay close attention to your heart health. But being a woman means you have to pay even more attention to this aspect of your health!

Researchers at the Queensland University in Australia recently confirmed women are more susceptible to heart problems related to their type 2 diabetes than men of the same age. Shockingly, as a woman, you're around 50% more likely to suffer a heart attack than a man with the same condition.

And it's because of one key difference between men and women. Keep reading to find out what it is and, more importantly, how to protect your health!

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Men receive treatment for their type 2 diabetes sooner than women 

The research coming out of Australia confirms the reason for your increased risk of heart problems as a women. Men appear to receive treatment a lot sooner for their diabetes than women do. And it’s because their symptoms of diabetes show up sooner and at lower weight than in women.
You see, as a woman, your health deteriorates more when you receive the diabetes diagnosis and there’s less preventative treatment for your high blood pressure and cholesterol than in men who may not yet have these symptoms in the early stages of their disease.
Luckily, you can keep your health from deteriorating further by changing your diet and lifestyle…

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Protect your health and lower your risk of heart problems with diet and exercise 

Focus on eating healthy, fresh foods instead of refined ones. It’s also important for you to exercise to not only keep your heart healthy, but improve your insulin sensitivity too.
Speak to your doctor about your diet and exercise routine to protect your overall health and keep heart problems at bay.

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Latest research confirms: Women with diabetes have double the risk of heart attacks than men!
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