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Knowing what to look out for in type II diabetes…

by , 08 July 2015

Because diabetes develops gradually, patients are often shocked when their doctor delivers the dreaded diagnosis: “You have Type II Diabetes”.

It's not uncommon for people to live with diabetes for years before they get diagnosed.

It's important to be aware of the symptoms commonly experienced with Type II diabetes. The more severe the symptoms, generally, the more developed the chronic condition. Today, we show you what to look for:


Use this symptom type II diabetes checklist 

 Increased thirst and frequent urination. Your body extracts more fluid from cells because of the excess sugar in your bloodstream making you thirsty. Because you drink more, you end up urinating more often.
 Increased hunger. The lack of energy in tissues triggers intense hunger.
 Fatigue. When the glucose doesn’t enter the cells, they’re deprived of their energy source, causing fatigue.
 Blurred vision. With too much sugar in the blood, fluid is drawn from the lenses of the eyes causing blurred vision.
Weight loss. Because your body can’t metabolise glucose, you may lose weight despite eating more.
 Frequent infections. With your body struggling to cope with type II diabetes, its effectiveness in dealing with injuries and infection is compromised.
 Dark skin patches. Some people with type II diabetes develop patches of darker skin in the folds and creases of their bodies, like the armpits and neck. In fact, don’t shrug off a brownish-yellow discolouration on the front of your legs. This is very often an early warning sign for insulin problems and diabetes.
If you have these symptoms, please get your doctor to test your blood sugar and check our Dr Golding’s protocol for reversing diabetes here. 

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Knowing what to look out for in type II diabetes…
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