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Is your sugar diabetes out of control? Here's how you'll know

by , 14 April 2014

If you don't control your sugar diabetes the way you should, your health will suffer. And there are organs that are more susceptible to your sugar changes than other. So having issues in these areas is a quick way to pick up that you aren't taking care of your type II diabetes. Read on to discover the two symptoms you're likely to have…

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An upset tummy can highlight issues with your sugar diabetes

Too much sugar floating around in your blood damages the nerves in your stomach, says WebMD. And that’s why an upset tummy is a sure sign that there’s something wrong with your body.
The nerves in your stomach aren’t immune to the sugar troubles. It’s the nerves that pick up the food in your tummy that don’t react correctly and this causes gastroparesis. This means you’ll have symptoms of diarrhoea, constipation and even constipation.
The vicious cycle begins where the lack of proper emptying of your tummy also affects your diabetes. So it’s important to get your blood sugar under control.

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Blurry or spotted vision is a troubling symptom of not controlling your sugar diabetes
The pressure in your eyes is carefully controlled and your blood sugar changes this pressure. When you have high blood sugar, fluid pulls into the vessels in your eyes and the pressure increases.
This damages the sensitive structures in your eyes and causes blurred vision. When this pressure increases further without treatment, you’ll see black spots in your vision. An even further deterioration in your sugar diabetes can cause you to go blind.
These two changes can have detrimental effects on your overall health and they come about simply because of a lack of control of your current condition. Make sure you control your sugar diabetes to avoid ruining your health for good.

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Is your sugar diabetes out of control? Here's how you'll know
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