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Is the thought of a chocolaty Easter weekend making you sweat?

by , 17 April 2014

There's no harder weekend to stay on a sugar-free diet than the Easter weekend. There's chocolate and sugar everywhere you look, and people keep offering you sweet treats! So despite knowing you need to control your sugar intake because of your type II diabetes your chocolate cravings may get the better of you this weekend. Not if you have a plan! Use these four tips to keep your blood sugar stable despite being surrounded by chocolate this weekend.

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Even with type II diabetes, chocolate isn’t a complete no-no
Controlling your type II diabetes is easy if you know what to do about keeping your blood sugar levels stable. And it’s all about knowing what you can and can’t eat! There’s also a lot of self-control involved, but it’s not that hard to exercise this self-control if you have a plan.
Here are four ways you can keep your blood sugar in check while still enjoying the Easter festivities with your family and friends…
#1. Wait a few minutes: Usual cravings pass within ten to 20 minutes, says fitday.com! The best thing to do is to remove yourself from the environment where your craving started and wait for it to pass. Go for a walk or occupy your mind with something else.
#2. You can eat dark chocolate: Chocolate with over 70% cocoa is actually good for you and it helps to stabilise your blood sugar. If you can’t beat your craving, have two small pieces of dark chocolate.
#3. Eat fruit: If you’re craving sugar, fruit can satisfy you. Combine sliced apple and plain yoghurt for a sweet but healthy treat.
#4. Rely on cocoa powder: Make a “hot chocolate” with cocoa powder! Not only will it keep you warm on a chilly day, it tastes delicious. You can even add a block of dark chocolate to the milk to give your drink extra flavour. Add cocoa powder to plain yoghurt, sprinkle over muesli and add to smoothies to satisfy your cravings.
There’s no reason to let this Easter Weekend wreck havoc on your type II diabetes. Use these four tips to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
PS: It’s all about the foods you eat!
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Is the thought of a chocolaty Easter weekend making you sweat?
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