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Is sugar changing your personality?

by , 23 August 2013

You're sweet one minute, and raging the next. Or maybe you feel withdrawn and sad? Studies show that mood swings and personality changes link with sugar consumption... Read on to find out if sugar is changing your personality...

Is your daily chocolate treat making you a different person?

It might be.
How blood sugar imbalance can change your mood and even your personality
When you eat refined sugar, it rushes into your bloodstream. That raises your blood sugar in one big spike. Insulin spikes too, to clean up that sugar before it damages your organs. The insulin does its job and your blood sugar level plummets.
This roller coaster blood sugar ride not only affects how your body works, but also how you feel emotionally.
When you eat sugar, you get a burst of energy. That might translate into a feeling of optimism, positivity and joy. You might even feel distracted, frazzled and dizzy in this stage.
Then your blood sugar takes a dive. Physically you feel tired, weak, and wobbly. You also might start to feel sad, confused or irritated.
Even if you're not eating chocolate or cakes, your blood sugar might still be on this roller coaster ride. If you love carbs like pasta, bread and chips, you probably go through these ups and downs too.
Don't let what your blood sugar change who you are!
By regulating your blood sugar, you might actually combat mood swings and personality changes. Balance all your meals so you have some protein to dampen the sugar-spiking effect of the carbs and sugars you eat.

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Is sugar changing your personality?
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