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Is fruit safe to eat if you have type II diabetes?

by , 13 May 2014

Many diabetics think they have to avoid eating fruit because of their disease. This because the sweet taste of fruit gives the false impression that they're full of sugar. While in actual fact, they contain a marginal amount!

Despite your type II diabetes, you need to include fruit into your diet. They contain many vitamins you need to keep your body healthy.

When you eat fruit as part of your healthy diet, pay attention to your portion sizes and you'll keep your blood sugar and carb intake under control.

Here's what you need to know about eating fruit when living with diabetes…

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Add the right types of carbs to your type II diabetes diet 

All types of fruit contain carbs. In fact, a cup of diced fruit usually contains less that 15g, says WebMD. Compare this to other food and it’s less sugar than your average tub of sweetened yogurt.
But remember, it’s essential to pay attention to how much fruit you eat and what type you eat.
For instance, eating dried fruit isn’t the same as eating fresh fruit. This because the fruit loses water during the drying out process and you have a larger concentration of sugars in a smaller package.
You should eat two tablespoons of dried fruit in a setting to keep your blood sugar levels stable.
But what about fruit juice?

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Fruit juice is a no-no when you suffer from type II diabetes
It’s the carbs mixed with the fibre in fruit that makes it healthy for you despite your diabetes. The fibre slows down your digestion and prevents a sudden blood sugar spike.
But there’s no fibre in fruit juice, just sugar. And more often than not, manufacturers add even more sugar. This makes fruit juice a big no-no.
Don’t be afraid to eat fruit if you’re diabteic! Just remember portion sizes and the importance of fibre in your diet too.

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Is fruit safe to eat if you have type II diabetes?
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