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If you have sugar diabetes, watch out for these sneaky carbs

by , 04 April 2014

The best way to control your sugar diabetes is to focus on your diet. Eating only natural sugars and carbs means your blood sugar won't be on a rollercoaster. But sometime the carb and sugar content of your favourite meals isn't that obvious. Today, we'll reveal the worst meals to eat if you're trying to manage your sugar diabetes.

Avoid carb-loaded foods at breakfast to manage your sugar diabetes 

New healthy diet teachings say you must eat a hearty breakfast, and pack most of your daily calories into your breakfast. But this doesn’t mean you can eat anything you like… Especially not if you’re trying to manage your sugar diabetes.
Stay away from traditional Farmhouse breakfasts that include a hash brown, toast and crumpets! Not only can you eat your daily calorie allowance in one meal, you’ll eat double or triple your daily allowance of carbs at breakfast, says WebMD.
Stick to fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt and whole-grain bread with low-fat cheese for breakfast.

Imagine if you could throw away your needles, get off of insulin and never worry about blindness, amputation, or worse.

The Health Sciences Institute announces the "Medical Breakthrough of the Century"--From insulin dependent to NON DIABETIC in 6 weeks!?

So ask yourself... What's the first thing you'll eat when you're DIABETES-FREE
Eating the wrong foods for lunch causes high blood sugar
Is your staple lunch meal a diet soda, sandwich and bag of chips? While it may not seem that unhealthy, you’re unwillingly eating more than six times the number of carbs you should be in one meal. This because your sandwich is usually swimming in mayo, has some sort of processed filling and you’re eating a bag of chips on top of that.
Rather make your own sandwich for lunch with low -fat fillings and replace the bag of chips with crisp vegetables and a humus dip! Just as tasty and a lot healthier for your sugar diabetes.
Controlling your diabetes isn’t always about watching your sugar intake! Learn how to manage your type II diabetes by making sure all your meals fit in with the required diabetic diet foods. 

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If you have sugar diabetes, watch out for these sneaky carbs
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