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If you're not controlling your diabetes, you'll experience these potentially fatal symptoms

by , 02 May 2014

If you don't control your sugar diabetes it could kill you. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it means you aren't controlling your diabetes. If you keep ignoring these symptoms it's going to take its toll on your health. Here's what you need to know…

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Sugar diabetes is a dangerous disease, especially if you don’t control it

When you have type II diabetes, sugar is literally a poison to your system. So not controlling your diabetes by taking your medications, taking the incorrect doses or not watching your diet, means you’re poisoning your system. 
This has a detrimental effect on your health and it affects your major organ systems!
Did you know that heart failure is one of the major causes of diabetes related death?

It’s true! Not taking care of yourself when you have diabetes means your health’s in trouble. 
So pay attention to the following signs that you’re not controlling your diabetes…
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Your organs can’t function when you don’t take control of your sugar diabetes

Have you noticed swelling in your hands and feet lately? It means your kidneys are struggling to get rid of excess water in your body, says WebMD. High amounts of sugar in your blood causes kidney damage. 
Too much sugar in your blood also causes nerve damage. So if you’re experiencing tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, you’re likely to be suffering from peripheral neuropathy caused by your type II diabetes
A constantly upset stomach is also a common symptom of uncontrolled type II diabetes. This because sugar damages your digestive tract making it difficult for food absorptions. Constipation is common, and it makes your diabetes worse. 
You can reverse all three of these conditions. Eat the right types of food to keep your blood sugar levels under control and take your medications as prescribed! 

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If you're not controlling your diabetes, you'll experience these potentially fatal symptoms
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