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How to raise blood sugar safely...

by , 04 November 2019
How to raise blood sugar safely...
Certain medications, including aspirin, warfarin, and others can lower blood sugar. Alcohol. Exercise. Stress. An injury on the sports field. Or even a bad cold. These could all cause an unexpected dip in blood sugar.

Keep reading to find out how to quickly lift your blood sugar if this happens...

Typical signs and symptoms of low blood sugar levels... 

Low blood sugar levels are usually not as a result of you not managing your blood sugar properly. They're most likely to occur when you start taking new medication, you skip a meal, exercise more than usual, take a hot shower or bath straight after injecting insulin, not timing your insulin injection correctly or injecting the insulin into muscle.

Typical signs and symptoms of low blood sugar levels are:

* Feeling shaky;
* Your heart is racing;
* You have a headache;
* Feeling weak and dizzy;
* Feeling irritable; and
* You’re sweaty.
These signs and symptoms can snowball within 10 to 15 minutes. In extreme cases of low blood sugar levels, you can even experience seizures or lose consciousness if you don’t restore your blood sugar levels.

Don't ignore these signs - find out how to raise your blood sugar without spiking it too much...

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How to activate the Metabolic Master Switch in your cells for balanced blood sugar – for good!

There’s a natural yellow compound found in a number of plants that’s been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine to treat a variety of ailments. 

It has the ability to activate an enzyme in cells called the Metabolic Master Switch. When this happens, your body can switch specific genes on and off to regulate your metabolism – at cellular level! 

The results: Lower blood sugar levels, improved insulin sensitivity in cells, muscles use more glucose for energy, reduced sugar production in the liver and a delayed breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

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Keeping a small juice box in your car, handbag or office drawer could be the best thing you could do for low blood sugar…

If you think you may be starting to experience low blood sugar levels, and you feel like you have time to test your blood sugar, it is better to confirm that it is indeed hypoglycaemia.
On confirmation, the quickest and easiest way to get your blood sugar levels back into the normal range is to drink a little bit of fruit juice. It doesn't need much digestion and so it can get into your blood stream quite quickly.

Be sure to drink a small amount so as to not spike your blood sugar too high. Wait 10 minutes and test your blood sugar again. 
Another option to get your blood sugar levels back on track is to take glucose pills or gel, which you can purchase from the pharmacy.

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How to raise blood sugar safely...
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