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How to control and even reverse your blood sugar problems with delicious cranberry juice!

by , 29 April 2014

Your diet and lifestyle huge a huge effect on how you manage your type II diabetes. And today you'll discover how an easy change in your drink of choice can have a magnificent impact on your high blood sugar. Read on to discover how drinking cranberry juice can improve your health if you have type II diabetes…

Unknown sugar-buster hiding in a most unlikely place
Traditional Japanese cooks sometimes use a very special kind of flour. It's made from a rare fibrous plant and it's been used in Japanese cooking for a 1,000 years.

The Health Science Institute recently discovered a startling fact: This Asian wonder plant naturally lowers blood sugar. In fact, a clinical test confirmed this plant's extracts are as effective in lowering glucose as drugs are.

An HSI researcher took it one step further, combining the Japanese herb with a second natural fibre that actually blocks sugar absorption. The "diabetes duo" controls blood sugar better than any prescription drug he's seen. Read about this discover and six more when you read 7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes without a Single Drug.


Cranberry juice may be able to reverse insulin resistance in type II diabetes

Did you know that something as delicious as cranberry juice can help you control your type II diabetes better?

That’s right!

In fact, Livestrong.com says it has a positive effect on your insulin resistance. And it can actually help to reverse the damaging effects from sugar on your cells.
Cranberries are full of antioxidants. And one of these brilliant antioxidants is resveratrol. It helps your cells use sugar, something they aren’t able to do properly when you have type II diabetes.
The National Institutes of Health published a study confirming these facts. It appears that resveratrol lowers the amount of oxidative stress taking placing in your body. This helps to lower your insulin resistance and improve your body’s ability to control your blood sugar.

There is, however, one small catch...

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Choose unsweetened cranberry juice to lower your blood sugar

You need to make sure you drink 100% unsweetened cranberry juice.
Many of the cranberry juice types you find in the store have added sugar or sweetener. This because cranberries are naturally tart and the juice wouldn’t be so popular if it were too sour to drink.
But there is a solution.
Add a splash of the unsweetened cranberry juice to flavour your still or sparkling water! You’ll reap the health benefits of drinking cranberry juice and drink more water every day too.
Swap your regular favourite juice for unsweetened cranberry juice to naturally lower your blood sugar!

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How to control and even reverse your blood sugar problems with delicious cranberry juice!
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