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How to assemble your type II diabetes first aid kit in a jiffy

by , 08 April 2014

It's not only your diet that you need to focus on when you suffer from type II diabetes, think about your overall health. The best way to do this is to keep a small first aid kit with you at all times. Here's what you'll need…

Care for all your injuries on the spot when you have type II diabetes

No matter how small a cut or scrape is, take care of it on the spot. This part of your diabetes care is essential because a tiny cut can cause huge problems if you don’t take the necessary action immediately. Type II diabetes causes nerve damage, especially in the feet, and even a small cut is susceptible to infection without you even knowing it.
The best way for you to take care of your injuries is to have a small first aid kit on your person at all times.
Here’s what you should add to it…

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Essential items you need to put in your type II diabetes first aid kit
·         Sterile gloves: If someone needs to help you care for an injury, these gloves can prevent contamination and further infection.
·         Antiseptic fluid: Clean the injury well.
·         A strong anti-biotic cream: Once your wound is clean, put this ointment on.
·         Sterile gauze: Cover your injury so to prevent exposure to infection and bacteria.
·         Plasters or strips to keep the gauze in place.
Always keep a small pair of clean scissors in your kit! Along with that, keep a supply of your medications in the kit, but be sure to use it before it expires.
Now you know what to have in your first aid kit to treat any injuries, make sure you keep it on your personal at all times!

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How to assemble your type II diabetes first aid kit in a jiffy
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