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How stabilising your blood sugar can put an end to your panic attacks

by , 10 October 2016
How stabilising your blood sugar can put an end to your panic attacks
When it comes to addressing anxiety and panic attacks, it can sometimes take months (or even years!) to treat the root cause.

Thankfully, there are a few simple tricks that can help you feel less anxious almost immediately. One of them is stabilising your blood sugar levels.

Keep reading to understand how low blood sugar can cause anxiety and panic attacks as well as for some great tips on how to keep your blood sugar steady (it's way simpler than you think!).

How low blood sugar levels can trigger anxiety

Anxiety happens when your body trips itself into the “fight or flight mode”, also known as “stress response”. Oftentimes you can’t control the stress response; for example during traffic on your commute or during a big presentation at work. However, other time it’s totally preventable. That’s because the cause of stress response is simply low blood sugar!
You know that “hangry” (hungry/angry) feeling? Most people experience this feeling when their blood sugar levels are low. Some people also experience anxiety as a result of blood sugar dips. Most of the time, these people are completely unaware of this connection!
If this sounds like you, the good news is that you can lessen the anxiety by simply maintaining stable blood sugar…

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How to maintain stable blood sugar to keep anxiety and panic attacks at bay

It’s as simple as cutting out (or down on) sugar and refined carbohydrates. You should also eat lots of protein and healthy fats and stick to “safe” starches such as plantains and sweet potatoes. To give yourself a blood sugar safety net, you can also rely on foods like coconut oil or almond butter. When you feel your levels crashing, simply eat a spoonful!
For an on-the-go fix, you can even stash packets of almond butter in your pocket or handbag. That way, whenever you feel your blood sugar levels dropping, you’ll always have something to bring your levels up to a healthy number within reach!
These precautions will keep your blood sugar stable and prevent your body from going into that dangerous stress response mode to curb your anxiety fast!

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How stabilising your blood sugar can put an end to your panic attacks
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