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Here's the single reason you should never eat store bought fruit and vegetables even if it says 100% organic on the label

by , 10 February 2016

· The chemicals on store bought fruit and vegetables could give you type 2 diabetes
· Why pesticides lead to insulin resistance
· 3 tips to ensure you eat only genuine organic fruit and vegetables

Dear reader,

It's something you've heard a million times: You should only eat organic fruit and vegetables because it's healthier for you.

But do you know why? Because if you don't, you could end up with diabetes.

That's right. The horrific chemicals industrial farmers use to keep your apples and baby marrows growing without insect stings or bird pecks cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Here's what the latest research has to say and why you should always eat organic, or at the very least, wash your fresh produce several times before you cook or eat them.

Warning: Pesticides increase your diabetes risk by 64%

A recent study by researchers from Greece and the UK analysed 21 research articles on the role of pesticides and type 2 diabetes risk.
A total of 21 studies, including over 66,000 patients, showed that blood levels of diabetes markers were increased in those frequently exposed to pesticides from store bought fruit and vegetables. And their type 2 diabetes risk was 64% higher than participants eating home grown or 100%organic fresh produce.
The difference is that store bought fruit and vegetables always have some form of chemicals on their skins. Even some that claim they’re 100% organic may have pesticides used to prevent insect stings and bird pecks.
That’s why you should choose to eat only home grown organic produce.


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Three tips to guarantee you only eat organic fruit and vegetables
Tip #1: Start your own veggie patch
One of the easiest ways to guarantee you always have the freshest and cleanest produce is to grow your own. It’s easy to plant tomatoes, zucchini, gem squash and butternut.
Tip #2: Take part in a garden club
A popular way to get organic fruit and vegetables is from a garden club. The community takes part in buying fruit and vegetables from a reputable organic farmer in bulk and sharing them between the club members.
It means you always get a variety of healthy, organic fruit and vegetables, either weekly or bimonthly.
Tip #3. Either of these two not working for you?
If you can’t grow you own and you don’t have the option of a garden club, there’s still something you can do.
When you buy store bought fruit and veg:
·         Wash each item thoroughly with organic soap and warm water;
·         Peel the skin off the item;
·         Remove the outer leaves; and
·         Buy the whole fruit and vegetables instead of pre-cut pieces.
Each change you make in your lifestyle, lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So make these changes today.
For more about diabetes and how to prevent it, read this issue of Natural Health Dossier here…
To your good health,
Dr Craige Golding
Anti-ageing specialist for Natural Health Dossier

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Here's the single reason you should never eat store bought fruit and vegetables even if it says 100% organic on the label
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