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Here's a great reason to buy full cream yoghurt instead of the fat-free type!

by , 23 October 2014

If you're sick of going “skinny” here's an article for you.

You can finally ditch those watery, flavourless, fat-free or low-fat dairy products!

It's all because a new study performed by Swedish researchers confirms full cream dairy products can lower your type 2 diabetes risk.

During the 14-year long study, they tested 27,000 people between the ages of 45 and 74 to see what full cream dairy products did to their blood sugar and how it affected their diabetes risk.

And the results were astonishing!

Those who ate at least eight portions of full cream dairy products every day had an incredible 23% lower type 2 diabetes risk.

Here's what the researchers had to say…

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Choose full cream products over fat-free ones to keep your diabetes risk at bay

In 2010, researchers found evidence to suggest a specific type of fatty acid found in full cream dairy products was to thank for the protection against diabetes. They believe palmitoleic acid helps to ensure your cells keep using insulin like they should, thus warding off insulin resistance.
Now, Dr Ulrika Ericson and her team from Lund University Diabetes Centre, say their findings confirm questions raised by previous studies about dairy fats and their role in type 2 diabetes.
It’s clear that – even just in part – that full cream dairy products have a protective mechanism on your body against type 2 diabetes.
But do you really have to eat eight portions of dairy a day to reap the full benefits?
Dr Ericson says no.
Even having 30ml of cream or 180ml full cream yoghurt every day can lower your risk up to 20%.
But, if you think about the amount of dairy you do eat every day, you might be reaching the eight portions without even knowing it.
Here are some of the foods included in the daily dairy portions in the study:
·         A heaped teaspoon of butter;
·         200ml of milk;
·         Tub of yoghurt;
·         Matchbox sized portion of cheese; and
·         25ml of cream.
As you can see, having a sandwich with butter and cheese, drinking a couple cups of milky coffee or tea and eating a small tub of yoghurt every day quickly adds up!
There’s just one thing you need to look out for!
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Watch the sugar content in full cream dairy products to ensure you keep diabetes at bay

This isn’t a “go-ahead” to start drinking strawberry milkshakes with every meal. If you don’t watch your sugar intake, no matter how much full cream dairy you eat, you’re likely to end up with diabetes.
So, always check how much sugar is in your favourite yoghurt, milk products and cheese before you start eating huge portions.
Bottom line: Full cream dairy products are far better for your health than the “skinny” ones as long as they don’t contain high sugar levels too. 

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Here's a great reason to buy full cream yoghurt instead of the fat-free type!
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