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Have Type I Diabetes? Follow these dietary tips to keep your condition under control

by , 24 June 2020

There's always so much information being produced about Type II diabetes, but what about Type I sufferers? Sadly, because it's the body that kills off the insulin producing cells, it's not a simple case of diet and exercise that will “fix” your condition. But we have some diet tips that will make it easier for you to function normally so keep reading…

Did you know that out of everyone who has diabetes, only 15% of you have Type I.
Something very scary about Type I sufferers, is that they are more likely to die if they don’t get their medication, insulin. 
Sadly, if your body decides to start killing off the cells in your pancreas, there’s not much you can do about it. 
Are you at risk of developing Type I diabetes?
Diagnosis is early in childhood. Juvenile or childhood diabetes is its common name. But there are cases of 18 year olds who suddenly get Type I. 
Living and eating as a Type I diabetic
You will have to plan your meals. Learn this early and it will become a habit, making a healthy diet easy to maintain. 
Make sure that you’re eating at regular times. If you know you’re too busy to have a proper meal, keep a snack with you that you can quickly eat to avoid a low blood sugar.
Try to avoid sugary or very fatty foods, but you don’t have to ban them completely according to the Mayo Clinic. Just make sure that you are able to eat them at times where you can get the insulin to work in time. 
Eat a lot of complex carbs which don’t cause your blood sugar to spike suddenly. Eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains when you’re able to plan your meals.
Exercise helps to keep blood sugar levels down in Type I diabetics
Exercise to keep your blood sugar down. Exercise will also help in the health of your heart and keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels down. 
If you’re a Type I diabetic, the world has not come to an end. Ensure that your friends and family know that you have it, so that they are also aware that you have to keep meal times regular. You never know, they will probably benefit from this too!

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Have Type I Diabetes? Follow these dietary tips to keep your condition under control
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