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Has your type II diabetes forced a “cardboard diet” on you? Shake things up with these sweet alternatives…

by , 16 April 2014

When you have type II diabetes shopping for food is just plain hard! Not only do you have to make sure that the sugar and carb content of everything you buy Is right, there are plenty of no-no treats staring you right in the face at every corner of your local shop. So instead of giving in to a treat that causes your blood sugar to go crazy, try these alternatives to satisfy your craving…

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Keep your weight and your blood sugar under control without losing out on flavour
High sugar foods are what landed you with type II diabetes in the first place, so it’s not worth the health risk continuing with that type of lifestyle!
Luckily, you don’t have to resort to eating bland food to control your blood sugar. Instead, substitute traditional sugary foods for these items:
1.     Energy drinks: Forget those sugary sports and energy drinks! You can make your own electrolyte boosting drink with lemon juice, sea salt and stevia. Mix in equal parts until you have the desired flavour.
2.     Energy bars: Instead of eating a sugar loaded energy bar, eat one of these two alternatives: Bars that contain dates or nuts and are low in refined sugar are perfect substitutes to give you energy and keep your blood sugar and weight in control. Biltong is also a great alternative…
3.     Ice-cream: There’s nothing better than a cool ice-cream on a hot day to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down. But because you have type II diabetes, it’s not an option. That’s why there’s an alternative so you too can enjoy a refreshing snack on a warm day. Peel and chop bananas before freezing them. Take the frozen pieces out of the freezer, add blueberries, chopped nuts, grated coconut and honey.
Making simple changes in your diet can keep your blood sugar and weight under control. And do it without having to resort to eating bland food all the time! Use these three alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Has your type II diabetes forced a “cardboard diet” on you? Shake things up with these sweet alternatives…
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