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Harvard study finds that type 2 diabetes can destroy your brain health in just two years

by , 13 July 2015

Type 2 diabetes alone is a serious condition. And now, new Harvard Medical School research shows that it can also cause a further problem: Mental decline.

According to the news study, in as little as two years, type 2 diabetes sufferers may develop problems with blood flow to the brain. This could in turn lower their thinking and memory skills drastically.

Study author Dr Vera Novak reports: “Our major finding is we have linked the acceleration of the cognitive decline to impaired blood flow and regulation in the brain.”

To find out more about this newfound association, keep reading.

Harvard study finds that type 2 diabetes can lead to mental decline

For the study, the research team evaluated 40 people. Their average age was 66. Nineteen of the people had type 2 diabetes; the other 21 didn’t have the blood sugar disease.
The team tested everyone at the start of the study, and again two years later. During this time the people completed thinking and memory tests. Researchers also gave them MRI scans to check the blood flow in their brains. Lastly, they also did blood tests to measure for average blood sugar levels and inflammation.
At the two-year mark, the type 2 diabetes sufferers had less ability to regulate blood flow to the brain when needed. They also scored lower on the thinking and memory tests.
The team found that blood flow regulation decreased by a whopping 65% in diabetes sufferers. 

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How type 2 diabetes may contribute to mental decline

The team explains that when you’re diabetic your blood vessels are sometimes unable to respond to various demands. This can result in you being unable to solve thinking problems and so on. They also explain that diabetes also promotes inflammation, a factor that plays a role in blood vessel damage.
They conclude that: “The diabetic brain ages faster.”
The team says they want to do another larger study with a different group of people to better understand how type 2 diabetes may affect blood flow to the brain.
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Harvard study finds that type 2 diabetes can destroy your brain health in just two years
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