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Good news: This tasty sounding treat can help you control your sugar diabetes!

by , 08 April 2014

How can something that sounds as delicious as a custard apple help you manage your type II diabetes? Because it's not a sugary treat you can buy off the shelf at your local store. In fact, it's a type of fruit that has amazing health benefits. Here's how you can manage your blood sugar by eating custard apples.

Keep your type II diabetes under control by including custard apple in your diet

Custard apples are strange looking fruit that don’t really look like apples at all! And the name is actually the name given to a collection of fruit… While your traditional custard apple family grow in South America, there’s a relative of the custard apple growing right here in South Africa. It’s widely available to you, too!
Would you believe that the common paw-paw is a relative of the delicious sounding custard apple? And that it has amazing health benefits for your blood sugar?
Not only is it a great source of nutrients for your body is you already suffer from type II diabetes, Diabetes.co.uk says adding paw-paw to your diet can actually help prevent diabetes!

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Here’s how paw-paw can help you control your blood sugar
Compounds in paw-paw act on your body’s ability to produce insulin, says Undergroundhealth.com. But, that’s not all. It also affects how your muscles cells react to insulin.
Basically, the increase in insulin and your muscle cells improved response to it means your muscles use more sugar. So there’s less sugar floating around in your blood. This normalises your blood sugar levels and helps control your type II diabetes symptoms.
As you can see, eating paw-paw can play a huge role in how you manage your type II diabetes. So add paw-paw to your regular diet to naturally control your blood sugar!

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Good news: This tasty sounding treat can help you control your sugar diabetes!
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