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Go bananas! Even if you have type II diabetes…

by , 08 April 2014

Bananas have a reputation for being bad for you. Not only are you convinced not to eat bananas while on a diet because of their high carb content, you might think they're a “forbidden fruit” because you have type II diabetes. Today, you'll discover the health benefits of bananas and how you can make them work for you despite your blood sugar problems.

The carb and sugar content of bananas can wreck havoc on your blood sugar 

Yes, bananas can cause your blood sugar to skyrocket because they’re high in carbs. But did you know that this is true of very ripe bananas? You can safely eat just ripe bananas, or under ripe bananas without them creating a spike in your blood sugar.
There’s a big difference in ripe and over ripe bananas. When they become ripe, their carbs convert to immediately available sugars. So there is a quick spike in your blood sugar. This is incredibly efficient if you need a quick supply of energy like athletes do, but it’s not great if you’re trying to control your blood sugar.
In fact, eating an under ripe banana is a great way to keep your blood sugar stable, says Livestrong.com. This because of the carb content. While the carbs convert to sugar, they have a relatively low glycaemic index. And this means they steadily release sugar your body can use.

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Eat under ripe bananas or dried bananas if you have sugar diabetes
Bananas are low in calories and contain plenty nutrients that are good for your heart and overall health.
Eating a banana between meals is a great way to prevent sweet cravings and give you energy at the same time. Just remember to eat those that are under ripe or just ripening to prevent blood sugar spikes. You can also safely eat dried or frozen banana as a healthy snack.
Add bananas to your healthy diabetic diet foods list and enjoy the health benefits without them messing with your blood sugar levels.

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Go bananas! Even if you have type II diabetes…
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