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Four tips to stabilise your blood sugar levels after a sugar binge

by , 06 November 2017
Four tips to stabilise your blood sugar levels after a sugar binge
You may aim to have sweet treats in moderation to prevent spiking your blood sugar levels, but from time to time, it's impossible to avoid a sugar binge. We're talking a family-sized bag of M&Ms or a half-dozen box of doughnuts…

If you have a sweet tooth, you're familiar with the stomach ache or shaking feeling - not to mention the crash - that comes after a particularly large serving of sweet stuff. The next time you indulge in a binge, consider these four tips to get your blood sugar levels back to a healthy reading.

For tips to get your blood sugar levels back in check after eating too much sugar

#1: Fill up on fibre and protein
Slow-digesting fibre and protein are two top foods for keeping your blood sugar levels steady. If you don’t eat these foods after eating too much sugar, your blood sugar will quickly crash and you’ll feel hungry and want to eat again. Try a hard-boiled egg and a handful of nuts, vegetables with hummus or apple slices with nut butter.
#2: Prepare a nutritious meal for later
After eating too much sugar, you’re bound to make unhealthy food choices again later in the day. To prevent swinging through the drive-thru when the cravings strike again, prepare a healthy meal for later. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy - even throwing something together in your slow-cooker will do.


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#3: Tame your stress with yoga
It’s no secret – when you’re stressed out, you eat more sugary foods. A study conducted by researchers at the University of California in the United States confirms this: It found that when stressed-out women drank a sugary beverage, they tempered their body’s response to stress. In other words, in order to control your stress levels, you must control your stress tooth. One fantastic way to tame your stress is to practise yoga.
#4: Eat probiotic-rich foods
According to a study from Oregon State University, also in the United States, unhealthy bacteria in your gut feeds on sugar and can influence your brain function. The next time you overdo it on the sugar, consume a probiotic-rich food that’s full of healthy gut bacteria, such as sauerkraut, Greek yoghurt or cultured cottage cheese.
Getting your blood sugar levels back under control is as easy as that!

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Four tips to stabilise your blood sugar levels after a sugar binge
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