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Four sleep tips to keep your blood sugar levels in check

by , 25 January 2018
Four sleep tips to keep your blood sugar levels in check
Research shows that sleep plays a critical role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and beating type 2 diabetes. According to a study published in the Annals of Epidemiology, if f you get less than six hours of shut-eye on most nights, you're three times more likely to have elevated blood sugar levels!

Experts say the best strategy to improve your sleep and keep your blood sugar levels steady is to hit the sack and set your morning alarm for the same time every day (even on weekends). Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule keeps your biological clock in sync so you can rest better. Here are four more tips for better sleep.

Four tips to help you sleep well and manage your blood sugar levels

#1: Don’t eat dinner too late
Too much food before bedtime can make you feel uncomfortable and keep you awake, so aim to finish dinner two to three hours before you go to bed. You should also avoid evening snacking. If you have to have an evening snack, limit it to 200 calories or less.
#2: Exercise in the late afternoon
Exercise helps keep your blood sugar levels within a healthy range, promotes weight loss and helps you sleep better. But it also keeps your body temperature elevated for hours, which isn’t so good for your falling asleep! Instead of exercising in the evening, try and find time in the late afternoon. This is the best time to exercise for deeper sleep.


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#3: Avoid drinking coffee after lunchtime
The caffeine from coffee can stay in your system for up to eight hours, so even if you’re able to fall asleep at night after a mid-afternoon cappuccino, you may not be resting soundly. Alcohol has the same effect – although a glass of wine may make you sleepy, a few hours later the alcohol levels in your blood drop, which signals your body to wake up. So, avoid drinking alcohol or anything caffeinated after lunchtime!
#4: Establish a relaxing bedtime routine
Instead of paying pills or checking emails on your way to bed, do something relaxing. Something as simple as a hot bath or shower is a fantastic way to relieve muscle tension and raise your body temperature so that you fall asleep faster. You can also practise deep breathing, listen to soothing music or read a book.
These tips are sure to help you improve your quality of sleep and prevent unhealthy blood sugar levels.

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Four sleep tips to keep your blood sugar levels in check
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