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Four simple strategies to keep your blood sugar steady

by , 26 May 2016

A blood sugar crash is an awful feeling that can interfere with work, productivity, and even your safety if it happens while you're driving!

Since we live in a sea of quick carbohydrate and sugar “fixes,” we tend to grab what is quick and right in front of us. Most often that is bread, chips, chocolate, a soft drink, juice, or other quick acting sugary food. And hey, in a pinch, it really does feel life saving!

However, in the long run, this is not a fix at all. In fact, the cycles of low and high blood sugar, and the reliance on sweets and carbs to rescue us from our blood sugar crashes are a key cause of our national diabetes and obesity epidemics. And did you know that Alzheimers disease is now considered a form of diabetes? Frightening, I know!

Here are some key tips on how to keep your blood sugar steady, completely prevent blood sugar crashes, and always have access to good quality foods.

Four simple tips to stabilise your blood sugar

#1: Eat a good breakfast
What you eat for breakfast sets the barometer for your day’s blood sugar. Eat a sweet breakfast and you’re practically bound for a blood sugar train wreck. But eat a high quality protein and you can hum along at a steady pace! Good choices include: Eggs, a protein shake, or oatmeal. If you opt for oatmeal or another grain, make sure to add some nuts and good quality fat such as coconut oil or almond butter for more sustainable energy.
#2: Plans meals in advance
If you work outside of the home, you need to not only have a good breakfast, but also plan your lunches ahead of time so that you can eat an optimally healthy meal. I loosely scope out my week of meals and snacks on Sunday, and make a run to the grocery store to stock up before the week begins.
Lunch should include a good quality protein and vegetables, and perhaps a small portion of a healthy grain such as quinoa or brown rice. You can plan healthy dinners so that you can take some leftovers lunch or you can scope out the restaurants and groceries close to your work so you know which places have healthy menu or salad bar choices. It takes some forethought and discipline, but healthy options are not too hard to find on most places these days.
#3: Graze
If you tend to have blood sugar swings and drops, grazing is your new best friend! Keep healthy snacks stashed in a desk drawer, in a small cooler pack, in your bag or backpack, or even the glove compartment of your car. If you start to feel hungry, eat a small portion of something healthy to tide you over to the next meal. 
Grazing on healthy foods will keep you blood sugar steady, and will actually help you control your weight much more effectively than skipping meals or snacks only to binge when your blood sugar crashes!
#4: Have an emergency food stash on hand
Always travel with a small emergency food stash, even if it's just to work. In your bag, keep the following:
  • A small bag of raw almonds
  • An apple or orange
  • A small container of almond butter
  • A small bar of 70% dark chocolate
Other excellent snack choices include a small container of sliced vegetables and hummus, a hard-boiled egg, and healthy trail mix (made of raw almonds, walnuts, goji berries, shredded dried unsweetened coconut, dark chocolate chips).

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Four simple strategies to keep your blood sugar steady
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