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Four foods you mustn't eat if you have Type II diabetes!

by , 15 January 2014

Having Type II diabetes is difficult. You have to change your entire lifestyle to prevent the development of many other diseases. As a diabetic, you need to strictly control your diet, and there are four food groups you should avoid entirely to stay on the healthier track.

As a diabetic, you know you have to stay away from any foods that are sugary. But what about the other foods that could cause your blood sugar to go on a rollercoaster ride?
There are four food groups you should be steering clear of if you have type II diabetes.
So let’s help you identify them and make sure you know why you need to avoid them. 
Four foods groups that cause havoc in the system of a diabetic
Any food your body can quickly convert to sugar should be avoided. Your body is already struggling to take the sugar out of your blood and make it useful to your cells, so the last thing you want to do is get more sugar in your blood.
Let’s start with the obvious one: Sugar containing foods.
Sugar gets “stuck” in the bloodstream and causes all kinds of problems in diabetics
So your obvious sugary foods include sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc. You’re well aware of the no-no of eating these foods, and we’re sure you’re pretty good at avoiding them by now!
But what about normal carbohydrates? We’re talking about your processed flours, refined carbs and starches…
Carbs and starches are converted to sugar and can cause health issues for diabetics
Stay away from those carbs and starches with high GI digits They’re similar to eating a chocolate, as they quickly become sugar in your blood. 
Then there’s alcohol…
Why does alcohol leave your blood sugar sky high? Well, it’s simple; alcohol becomes sugar when your body digests it. 
Lastly, diabetics need to avoid eating large quantities of fats
Obesity is a leading cause of Type II diabetes, so eating calorific food will increase your weight and impact your diabetes
Avoid eating foods that cause your blood sugar to quickly spike. Eat foods that are good for your system and are a slow release of energy. Get your diabetes under control and prevent the development of other diseases usually associated with diabetes.

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Four foods you mustn't eat if you have Type II diabetes!
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