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Follow our 10 tips to Diabetes-proofing your life

by , 24 December 2013

A whopping three and a half million people in South Africa have been diagnosed with diabetes and it's estimated that millions more haven't yet been diagnosed. Five million more people are prediabetic. Stop this destructive disease from taking control in your life and start diabetes-proofing your life.

No one wants to be a statistic
But the good news is that if you aren’t diabetic, or you’re prediabetic, your chance of changing your future is still good. 
It’s pretty simple to change your lifestyle in order to prevent becoming diabetic
Do you know that there are a few everyday things in your life that you can change to change your entire future? 
Stop with the excuses and start today.
Ten diabetes busters you must follow
#1: Always start your main meal with a green salad drizzled in balsamic vinegar. Having a salad with your main mean every day is an easy and great habit to fall into. We all know the benefit of greens, so add them without hesitation. Avoid heavy, oily salad creams and dressings. These will cancel out all the goodness that’s in the salad. Stick to vinaigrettes or lemon juice based dressings.
#2: Don’t be a veggie phobe. Your childhood hate of vegetables could lead you to becoming diabetic. Find ways in which to “hide” vegetables in all of your meals. As you get used to them you can start eating them on their own. Grate carrots into your Bolognese sauce and mix veggies into pasta or cous cous.
#3: Drink coffee, it’s good for you! Numerous studies have shown that drinking coffee reduces the risk of type II diabetes. Don’t hesitate to start a brew.
#4: Eat cereals that are high in fibre and low in sugar. Not only will they keep you fuller for longer, they’re great for controlling blood sugar
Keep focus and continue busting your way to a diabetic free life…
#5: Walk. Rather take a stroll to your corner store, use the stairs instead of the lift or elevator and get in as many steps as you can a day. Idle bodies make for ill bodies, so get up and get your body moving.
#6: Take out the take-out. No more fast food soaked in oil and artificial flavours. Your home made versions of these meals will be far healthier and tastier.
#7: Sweet, sweet cinnamon. Adding cinnamon to your cereals and soups gives you a whole new flavour experience. And its diabetes busting too. 
#8: Rest and distress. Get enough sleep! Cut out stress by getting a good night’s sleep and making sure that you’re resting your body and mind. Get out with your friends and family. Have a laugh. Enjoy company.
#10: And the last diabetes buster, but maybe the most difficult of them all, is to lose 5kg. Carrying excessive weight is a sure fire way to head towards becoming Diabetic. Set goals and stick to them.
Take your life in the direction you want it to go. Change those bad habits and for new good ones. Diabetes is a silent killer and it is taking control of our nation. Don’t become a statistic, become a success story.

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Follow our 10 tips to Diabetes-proofing your life
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