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Five unusual but very common suspects of added sugar

by , 06 March 2018
Five unusual but very common suspects of added sugar
When you think of the obvious culprits of added sugar in foods, soft drinks, biscuits, cake and ice cream come to mind. But these aren't the only sugar-laden foods that are contributing to our epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases…

In order to detect the hidden sugar in some of your favourite foods, you need to become a super sleuth. Keep reading to learn about five unusual but very common suspects of hidden sugar that you're probably overlooking.

Five hidden sugar bombs

#1: Yoghurt
While yoghurt is chockfull of probiotics, protein and calcium, some varieties contain between 17 g and 33 g of sugar per 235 ml serving – especially low-fat flavoured varieties. Your best bet is to buy plain Greek yoghurt and add a drizzle of honey and chopped fruit for sweetness.
#2: Instant oats
Many dieticians recommend instant oats for breakfast because they’re packed with healthy fibre. However, many fruit-flavoured instant oats contain 10 g to 15 g of sugar per packet! Stick to plain oatmeal and add berries or apple slices.


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#3: Pasta sauces
Even though pasta sauces have a savoury rather than a sweet taste, many have between 6 g and 12 g of sugar per half-cup serving. To avoid consuming hidden sugar in your pasta dishes, make your own sauce using olive oil, herbs and freshly chopped tomatoes.
#4: Salad dressings
Salad dressings are one of the biggest hidden sugar bombs out there and can be packed with up to 7 g of sugar in a two-tablespoon serving. Again, it’s best to make your own dressing using olive oil, herbs, lemon juice and vinegar.
#5: Juices and smoothies
Juices and smoothies are a big health trend at the moment, but are often loaded with sugar. One cup of orange juice can have up to 22 g of the sweet stuff. Most protein shakes, however, are perfectly proportioned with the right amount of sugar and protein.
Make sure you steer clear of these hidden sugar culprits!

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Five unusual but very common suspects of added sugar
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