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Five tips for controlling your diabetes during pregnancy

by , 28 April 2014

Thinking of starting a family and worried your diabetes may affect your baby? Take these five steps to controlling your insulin diabetes before you fall pregnant…


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This information on diabetes could help make your pregnancy uneventful and stress-free

Consider these five tips if you have insulin diabetes and want to start or expand your family:
  1. Watch your targets carefully. Try to keep your blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible. Your fasting blood sugar should be between 3.3 and 5 mmol/L. Aim for 5-5.6 mmol/L before meals, less than 7.2 mmol/L one hour after meals and less than 6.7 mmol/L two hours after meals. Overall aim for your blood sugar never to go above 7.8 mmol/L and preferably averaging about 4.7 mmol/L throughout the day. To achieve this, you’ll need to increase your blood sugar tests and adjust your insulin doses to meet your new targets.
  2. Always be prepared with food. Keep a pack of boxed juice in the car and in your drawer at work so you can raise your blood insulin levels if they’re too low during the day. Test your blood sugar before you drive or do anything else that may put you in danger, should your blood sugar be too low.  
  3. Check your medication with your doctor. Some medications haven been approved during pregnancy, but others haven’t. Check with your doctor whether you need to change your diabetes medication, or any other medication you may be taking, like blood pressure drugs or ACE inhibitors.
  4. Take a 4-5mg per day of folic acid. Babies born of diabetic mothers have a higher risk for spina bifida. Folic acid helps prevent this condition.
  5. Check your urine ketones and your kidneys. Your doctor will ask you for a urine sample to test your urine ketones and to check how your kidneys are coping. Work closely with your doctor throughout your pregnancy to avoid any diabetes complications.  

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Use this information on diabetes to help you through your pregnancy

Having a perfectly normal baby is possible, despite being diabetic. But, it does mean being more in tune with your body and a lot more disciplined when it comes to controlling your diabetes.  

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Five tips for controlling your diabetes during pregnancy
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