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Fighting with your spouse all the time? It could be because of your blood sugar!

by , 17 April 2014

Recent studies now confirm that being married may not be the reason husband and wife become irritable with one another! It might be because of lowered blood sugar levels… Discover how to prevent this from happening in your marriage by taking care of your blood sugar.

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As your blood sugar decreases, you become more aggressive
Your brain lives on oxygen and sugar. So when either one of them is low, your brain will react. A decrease in your blood sugar leaves you feeling aggressive and agitated. And this, says researchers from the Ohio State University, is the reason you might fight with your spouse.
In a 21-day study, researches checked married couple’s blood sugar levels each night and recorded the emotional levels of each spouse.
The results?
The couples who have lower blood sugar level recordings had higher aggressive emotional states towards one another. This compared to couples with normal or elevated blood sugar levels!
Brad Bushman, lead author of the study, explained that it had to do with hunger! “We found that being hungry can affect our behaviour in a bad way, even in our most intimate relationships,” he said.
Luckily there’s a simple fix…

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Eat carbs to quickly bring up your blood sugar if you need to improve your mood
The best way to increase your blood sugar quickly is to eat something sugary. Or you can eat food with a high carb content. The sugar is immediately available for your cells and your brain to use. This helps keep your brain fuelled and it’ll stabilise your hunger-related emotions.
Don’t let something as simple as hunger be to the detriment of your marriage. Use this information to become aware of what might be causing your aggressive behaviour so you can fix it quickly and easily. 

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Fighting with your spouse all the time? It could be because of your blood sugar!
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