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Feel more satisfied, save your heart and lower your blood sugar with avo

by , 15 April 2014

It's true! You can eat less, curb cravings, manage your weight and lower your blood sugar levels all by eating only half an avo at meal times. Despite the 125 calories and 13g of fat it has, avo can do all this and more for your health. Improve your overall health today with these tips…

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Eat avo to prevent the complications of diabetes
There’s one big health concern when you have type II diabetes. It’s the risk of developing heart disease as a complication. This because diabetes affects the health of your blood vessels and this leads to heart disease.
But there’s a significant part of avos that can help you protect the health of your heart: Their fat content.
In one whole avo, there’s about 30g of fat. But there’s less than 5g of unhealthy fat and more than 25g of healthy, cholesterol lowering fats.
This helps to keep your arteries unclogged, which could cause further issues for your heart health.
But there’s something even more significant about avos. And that’s when it comes to controlling your blood sugar.
Your blood sugar doesn’t spike after eating avo
Researchers found that participants in a study who had diabetes showed no spike in their blood sugar after eating avo, says MedicalNewsToday.com. And this despite the high fat and carb content of the avo.
Lead author of the study, Dr Sabaté from the Loma Linda University in California, says this shows the need to further investigate the roll of avo in keeping blood sugar levels stable and being a suitable food for diabetics to add to their diet plan.
There’s also high fibre content in avos, so it helps you feel satisfied and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
So it’s simple! Eat half an avo at lunch to control your blood sugar levels, keep you feeling fuller for longer and help your manage your weight.
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Feel more satisfied, save your heart and lower your blood sugar with avo
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