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Exercise tips for type 2 diabetes patients with diabetic retinopathy

by , 02 October 2017
Exercise tips for type 2 diabetes patients with diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic retinopathy is a condition in which the blood vessels in your eye can swell, leak or even bleed. If you're a type 2 diabetes patient with diabetic retinopathy, you may be concerned that exercising can affect your eyes...

Truth it, neither aerobic exercise nor strength training have been shown to worsen diabetic retinopathy, eye swelling or vision in people with moderate vision problems. This is according to exercise guidelines published by the American Diabetes Association.

Read on for our top tips for exercising with diabetic retinopathy...

Type 2 diabetes patients with diabetes eye complications should go for regular eye exams

While there haven’t been any studies to prove that exercise worsens diabetic retinopathy, A Paul Chous, an optometrist with a speciality in diabetes based in Washington in the United States recommends that you keep up with scheduled eye exams if you have diabetes eye complications.
He recommends checking your regimen with your eye-care specialist and reporting any problems.


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Diabetic retinopathy is usually more severe in people with high blood pressure...

According to Chous, diabetic retinopathy is often worse in people with high blood pressure and might be exacerbated by a sudden increase in high blood pressure. This can happen during certain exercises, such as weightlifting.
Exercise experts with training in diabetes care will be able to advise you on which workouts are safe and which aren’t, if you have complications. Contact sports like kickboxing are an obvious no-no if you have significant eye complications caused by type 2 diabetes, as are workouts that elevate your blood pressure like sprinting or weightlifting.

Laser surgery is another reason to avoid contact sports and vigorous exercise

You should also contact sports – as well as any vigorous exercise – if you’ve had laser surgery to stabilise the blood vessels in your eyes until there’s evidence that the laser treatment was effective, which can take a couple of months.
All sports enthusiasts with eye complications – whether they have type 2 diabetes or not – should make exercise decisions on a case-by-case basis with their ophthalmologist.

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Exercise tips for type 2 diabetes patients with diabetic retinopathy
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