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Even if you have type II diabetes, you can still enjoy these delicious treats!

by , 05 May 2014

It's becoming harder and harder to find foods that are suitable to eat if you suffer from type II diabetes. This because almost everything you buy contains high fructose corn syrup and this wrecks havoc on your blood sugar! And this is general food, never mind snacks! So we've done a bit of digging, and we've found some delicious in-between-meal snacks you can munch on guilt-free and without a worry that they're going to cause your blood sugar to skyrocket.

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Low sugar, protein packed and tasty is what you need to look for in a snack if you suffer from type II diabetes 

1.     String cheese: Go back to your childhood and look for a packet of string cheese to snack on. Be sure to go for part-skim types as they’re low-fat, high in protein, sugar-free and delicious.
2.     Boiled eggs: Here’s a quick, on-the-go snack that packs a protein punch! It takes mere minutes to boil and egg and they last a long time if you leave them boiled in the fridge. Be sure to stick to eating the white of the eggs only otherwise you’ll drastically increase your fat intake and possibly raise your cholesterol. Remember to mark the eggs you put in the fridge so you remember they’re already boiled!

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3.     Mixed nuts: A tasty snack that’s also high in protein. Stick to eating only a quarter of a cup at a time or you’ll overdo it on the calories! Mix almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pecan and macadamians to get a whole array of nutrients too.
4.     Celery and peanut butter: Ever thought of combining peanut butter and celery? Well, joybauer.com says it’s not only tasty, it’s a great snack to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Spread one level tablespoon of peanut butter onto celery sticks for a low-cal, protein packed snack.
And there you have it! Four delicious any-time snacks that you’re sure to love. And best of all they won’t affect your type II diabetes.

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Even if you have type II diabetes, you can still enjoy these delicious treats!
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