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Eating with chopsticks could significantly reduce your diabetes risk

by , 27 May 2015

“You are what you eat” - you've heard it a million times.

“For a long life and lithe figure, eat lean, leafy goods,” says every annoying whole foods shopper you've ever met (not to mention many respected scientists and researchers).

But a recent study conducted by scientists at the National University of Singapore and the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (also in Singapore) suggests that it's not what you eat - it's what you use to eat - that's crucial…

According to these scientists, you can help chop your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes by eating with chopsticks.

Sounds bizarre, I know! But that's why you must read on to find out more…

Eating with chopsticks has a positive impact on your blood sugar

For the study, scientists compared participants who used hands, spoons and chopsticks to eat. They found that those who ate a bowl of rice with chopsticks showed a significantly lower glycaemic response – meaning their blood sugar levels rose slower – than those who ate with their hands or spoons.
Scientists also found that eating with chopsticks lowered the rice’s glycaemic index (or GI – a number that represents the boost in your blood sugar after eating). Earlier studies have linked a lower glycaemic response to reduced risk for diabetes as well as other chronic conditions like obesity and heart attack.
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Why your glycaemic response is lower when you eat with chopsticks

Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, came up with the idea for the study from observing Singaporeans noshing at food courts in the mall.
It what made him wonder: “Could the way in which we feed ourselves have physiological differences?”
Henry explains the reason behind the new findings: “When people take small bites – like they do with chopsticks – they chew less. Those larger food particles take longer for the enzymes in our salvia to digest, resulting in a milder increase in blood sugar levels.” 
He goes on to explain that sudden blood sugar spikes lead to diabetes and other chronic diseases.
So instead of reducing your intake of, say, rice, rather just take smaller bites. This new research proves that it may have significant benefits on your blood sugar and, ultimately, your diabetes risk!
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Eating with chopsticks could significantly reduce your diabetes risk
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