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Eat THIS type of fat to lower your diabetes risk

by , 04 September 2014

There are a growing number of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes around the world.

And it's such a big health problem in Finland, that researchers decided they needed to find something that would help.

That's why they spent 20 years studying 2,200 men to see how they lowered their risk of this deadly disease through their diet.

After they sorted the men and their diets according to the amount of fish oil or fatty fish they ate, they found some worthwhile evidence. The men in the group who ate the most healthy fats had a significant 33% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than any of the other groups.

So what is it about the fatty acids that help lower your diabetes risk?

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Even if you’ve already had a heart attack, Omega 3s can protect your heart!
According to Life Extension Magazine, a 1999 study showed that heart attack survivors who supplemented with Omega 3 each day reduced their risk of cardiovascular mortality by 30% and their risk of sudden death by 45%.
Here’s the science behind what Omegas can do for you.

Omega 3 fatty acids in fish lower your diabetes risk

Omega 3 fatty acids are long chain, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Fats come in two forms:
1.       Unsaturated fats, like omega 3 fatty acids, that are liquid at room temperature because they aren’t attached to each other very tightly.
2.       Saturated fats, like butter, are solid at room temperature because they have tight bonds to one another.
When your body processes saturated, solid fats, they release molecules that are fatty. These deposit into your arteries and cause a blockage when there are too many for your body to get rid of or store.
But when your body processes unsaturated fats, this doesn't happen.
And because of their construction, unsaturated fats are healthier for you.
Your body changes them into ketone bodies – a useful form of fat your body can use immediately as energy. They go straight to the cells and go through oxidation.
This helps protect your body against insulin resistance, because eating these types of fats means your body doesn’t need to make as much insulin for converting carbs to energy! And that’s why they lower your risk of developing diabetes.
It’s clear you need to increase your intake of good fats like omega 3s to improve your health and stop eating those that cause problems!
To get more omega 3s in your diet, eat fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel at least three times a week! 

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Eat THIS type of fat to lower your diabetes risk
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